Lake Garda in northern Italy

Sights and Places to See in Garda Town

The Lungolago Path

The Lungolago is a biking and walking trail which runs along the shoreline of the south-eastern shore of Lake Garda between Garda and Bardolino and then down to the town of Lazise.

Rocca di Garda
The attractive bay and trail just outside Garda town

The Old Town

In between the Lungolago shoreline path and the busier main road around Garda town are pleasant small streets and alleys filled with shops and restaurants. Historically-minded visitors can try to spot the remnants of the Venetian control of this area from centuries gone by.

Punta San Vigilio near Garda Town
Garda bay and old town

Exploring the hills and vineyards around Garda

There are plenty of trails to explore the vineyards behind the town of Garda, as well as hiking paths leading up into the hills on either side of the settlement. The view below is taken from the Rocca di Garda to the south of the town looking out towards Punta San Vigilio and Monte Luppia.

A view over Garda town
The countryside around Garda town