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Garda is one of the main resorts on the southern end of the lake that bears its name. It's one of the most popular destinations in the Italy sections of the lakes and mountains holiday brochures

Garda shows traces of habitation through the centuries, with the Venetian merchants' villas, the legends of the Burgundians and the rock etchings in the hills above the town. More information:
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Garda - suiting its position as one of the premier resorts on Lake Garda - has a wide range of hotel accommodation. More information:
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For those who are trying to make a decision on where to stay we have put some images into a gallery, while those who have already chosen the resort and are counting down the days can see what the latest forecast looks like...
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If you are thinking of booking your own flights or visiting Garda under your own steam, then it's sometimes difficult to find good information for independent travellers. For a map and some advice about the best ways via car or plane try our travel page:
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We hope you find the Garda Italy website useful and look forward to hearing your comments about the site and the destination. We especially welcome any views about the resort from those who have stayed there.
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