Facts About Lake Garda

Here are a few facts about Lake Garda for visitors new to the area:

  • The lake is split between three provinces: Verona, Brescia and Trento
  • It is just over 50km in length (north-south)
  • It is just under 20km in width (east-west)
  • It is located at 65m above sea level
  • The circumference of the lake is around 160km
  • The maximum depth of the lake is about 350m
  • The area of the lake is approximately 370kmĀ² (143milesĀ²), making it the largest lake in Italy
  • The earliest settlement on the lake is believed to date back to 2000BC
  • The northern part of the lake belonged to Austria until 1918 and the end of WW1

Lake Garda Ferry